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Health and fitness are very important aspects of your life.

Living a simple life should be easy, not full of complex workouts and diets. 

Warren Buffett puts it as let us say you could only have one vehicle your entire life, you would take great care of it. Few people look at their body like that, but you only get one your entire life. The problem is it is easier to let it go. Eating healthy and working out can be such arduous work. If you need fast food a healthy salad will cost 3-5x’s an unhealthy meal. One problem is there are so many diets, exercises, and healthy plans. I want to just keep it basic and simple. 

Meal planning 

You need protein and fiber. We can make this complicated and look at all the vitamins you need or keep it simple with protein and fiber. Take a one a day vitamin if you feel like you are lacking something. I am not a health specialist by any means so consult a doctor if any concerns on my opinion.  

Breakfast I am in a hurry like everyone else. I make a quick protein shake and that is all that I need. Put a caffeine supplement in it if needed. Otherwise, other people I know in the same rush grab unhealthy fast food or skip breakfast. 

Lunch for protein I stick to tuna or chicken. Why? Because you can find it conveniently. For lunch I pack two packets of pre seasoned tuna, you can also find these in chicken packets. These are the pouches you can find in any grocery store. I have a bag of pumpkin seeds (type without the shell) which are extremely healthy and pack the much-needed fiber. I poor some seeds into the pouch. I also bring an apple, a couple clementine’s and a Sargento balanced break snack.  

Dinner is easy as well. When I get home, I throw chicken in an instant pot. I do this because I do not have to stand over the stove. For fiber you have a lot of options. Throw baby potatoes in the instant pot as well, some vegetables in a skillet on low or some whole grain bread to put the chicken on. This just depends on the carb intake you are okay with. You just do the chicken with some great seasoning and avocados.  

This is a normal days' worth of eating for me. I wake up at 5AM and do not get home until 7PM. That is 14 hours of working and needing something convenient. Convenience is why most people do unhealthy and expensive fast food. There is cheaper and healthy choice for people on the go.  


This goes based on your schedule. Ideally, I would say 3x’s a week to every day if possible. At one point when school was not in session I was going to the gym before work and at lunch. Find time to exercise, you and the family just walk the dog. Set goals, 50 pushups and day and go up from there. Get a strong resistance band. I have two black ones from Rogue fitness and use them any chance I get. You work out when watching T.V. or when you get out of the shower. You do not have to spend a ton of time in the gym, but you should set a minimum goal of 30 minutes a day. I know someone who went from getting home from work sitting on the couch eating, to buying a stationary bike and putting in front of his T.V. He lost a ton of weight quickly to the point I almost did not recognize him when I see him again! He just changed a habit from sitting, snacking, and watching T.V., to riding a bike and watching T.V. Of course, this can be a lengthy topic, but we are going to keep it simple. Simply find something that works for you. You should have no excuse to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Combine that with healthy eating habits and you should be on the right track.  

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