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Two Dividend Stocks for Next Week
When it comes to large cap dividend companies to own these two should be a part of your portfolio. 1. Raytheon Technology.

When it comes to large cap dividend companies to own these two should be a part of your portfolio. 

    1. 1. Raytheon Technology.  

    Raytheon has an upcoming Quarterly Ex-dividend date of 5/20/2021 and right now the dividend yield is 2.4 percent. This is a great company to own, one reason is because they blow crap up. Seriously though they are number 5 under Lockheed Martin (which pays a quarterly dividend of 2.6% with an Ex-dividend date of 5/28/2021), Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman. They are in everything from Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, and other markets. They are rated a buy from Jeffries and other analysts with an average price target of $94.18. I am of fan of the Chart, the dividend, and the company. For me it is an addition at any drop and before any dividend. 

    1. 2. Johnson and Johnson. 

    Johnson and Johnson have an upcoming Quarterly Ex-Dividend date of 5/24/2021 and right now the dividend yield is 2.49 percent. They are number one on the list of the world's biggest pharma companies. No matter if you like big pharma or not, they will always be a need. They have a huge pipeline from, Cardiovascular and Metabolism, Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Vaccines, Neuroscience, Oncology, Pulmonary Hypertension. I am a fan of the Chart, the dividend, and the company. 


    These are two of my favorite dividend companies to own with an Ex-Dividend date right around the corner and little market pullback. Keep in mind that a quarterly dividend does not mean you get that percentage when it pays, that is what it pays in an entire year. So, for a quarterly dividend divide that amount by four and that is the amount you will receive. Right now, RTX pays out .51 a share. If you bought 6 shares at the current price of $85.60 that would cost, you $513.60 plus any commission. If this is the start of your position you would receive $3.06 worth of dividends. Those three dollars and some change is only roughly .60% of your investment. So, it would take a year just to collect that 2.6% worth of dividends. Investing in great companies that pay good dividends Especially like the two above or Seagate technology, Abbvie, ETFs like DIV, is a smart way to let your money grow over time and build up a good stream of passive income at retirement if you have enough income from dividends at that point.  


    A good retirement goal minimum should be a one-million-dollar portfolio earning you an average of 5% a year worth of dividends income. That would give you 50k a year, but at that point you should own your own home and easily be able to live off that. I will post an updated list of a portfolio of 16 stocks/ETFs to own with an average right now of 4.9% income. Also, a couple ETFS you could own that pay around 10% which you could get the same amount a year with only half the retirement amount. That should be all you need to live the simple life.


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