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I love to hustle and keep life simple at the same time. This means keeping my investing and swing trading simple. Going into next week 3 stock charts stand out and 2 leveraged ETF’s look good for an entry.



I love to hustle and keep life simple at the same time. This means keeping my investing and swing trading simple. Going into next week 3 stock charts stand out and 2 leveraged ETF’s look good for an entry. 

  1. 1.  AbbVie Inc. ABBV 

The last time I recommended this stock was two months ago at a $112 entry level. You would be up and in for a dividend at this point. If you did not add to or start a position there, no worries looks like it is presenting another opportunity. The chart is oversold again and looking like it has a nice little trend forming. This stock does make a great long-term hold with great possibilities of growth and a great dividend payment. Reinvest the dividend and plan to add on the pullbacks and holding for the long term. Right now, the yield is 4.5% and analyst are bullish with a $127 dollar price target., that would be about a 10% gain from the recent area along with any dividends and further growth stories. 


  1. 2. Enterprise Products Part. EPD 

This is a stock that looks to be bouncing off the 200-day SMA. It is oversold and this company pays an 8% dividend as of now. It is sitting at $22.45 and since 6/14/2021 has pulled back from a recent of $25.69. If it would retest that high, it would be a 15% gain from these levels and at its high in July of 2019 would give you around a 35% gain. It has an average price target of $28.67 which would produce a 27% gain from an entry at these levels and could collect some dividends on the way. 

EPD chart

  1. 3. Morgan Stanley MS. 

This stock has just been on a move, up around 80% from November of last year and looks to have broken out again. A very well-known name that pays as of now a 2.8% dividend who knows where this stock will end up, seems like it is just going up. At $99.73, if it breaks $100 its likely to float to $110 like its nothing. This is a stock that I would prefer to buy on a pullback but if this gets over $100 a share that number could turn into a bottom after a rise to the $110 level.  


Leveraged ETF’s 

Swing trading these can produce some of the safest and biggest gain combinations. I like to keep life simple, keep my trading strategies simple, and swing trade leveraged ETF’s when I trade. Simple living means keeping everything simple even swing trading. I do not recommend trading to anyone new in the market. Learn as much as you can and start investing and watching the market. See investing money for beginners and get a grip on a good portfolio before you try and trade anything. I love to hustle so trend trading/swing trading leveraged ETFS can be a good hustle.  


  1. 1.  ProShares UltraPro Dow 30. UDOW 

This is a leveraged version of the Dow Jones, leveraged at 3x’s. With the Dow Jones continuing to set new highs and DIA breaking out this might be a suitable time to enter on the gap up breakout. Seems like money keeps flowing into the Dow and could see 40k soon enough at this pace. I mean the Dow Jones - 30 is full of 30 great companies and this could produce a huge 10-year long term profit. 


  1. 2.  Direxion Fianacial Bull 3X Shares. FAS 

This is the leveraged version of XLF and has shown a strong gap up that if continues could rip past its recent high and produce a short term 10% trade. Out of all the leveraged ETFs I trade this seems like the chart I would be watching. I prefer to buy on pullbacks but gapping up with momentum can turn into a good wave to ride out. Honesty I do not like trading the financial sector, but the chart does look nice right now and showing signs of setting new highs soon. 


FAS Stock Chart

You should always be looking for good opportunities to put your money to work for the long haul. Swing trades should be with companies or ETFS that if the market closed for 5 years you could sleep well at night. Remember things do not need to be as complicated as we make them. Keep it simple and love life.  

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