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Invest With Small Amounts of Money
Most people do not realize they can own companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and 80+ others with as little as $40 dollars and continue to invest small amounts at a time into these positions.

Invest With Small Amounts of Money


Most people do not realize they can own companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and 80+ others with as little as $40 dollars and continue to invest small amounts at a time into these positions. You can start an E*TRADE account and own these companies with as little as $40 and a lot more. 

By funding your account with $40 and putting $10 into PRGTX, PRHSX, PRDGX, and PRGFX you can own a small amount of these companies and continue to add to them as you see fit. Investing is not as complicated as people make it out to be, and what good is your money if it is not working for you. These are the companies you would own by owning these four mutual funds. 

A Agilent Technology, AAPL Apple, ABBV AbbVie, ACN Accenture LTD, AMGN Amgen Inc, AMT American Tower Corp, AMZN Amazon, ANTM Anthem, ARGX Argenx NV, ASML Asml Holdings, AZN AstraZeneca, BABA Alibaba, BDX Becton Dickinson and Company, BIIB Biogen, BILI Bilibili Inc, BNTX BioNTech, CI Cigna Corp, CMCSA Comcast, CNC Centene CCorp, CPNG Coupang Inc, CRM Salesforce, CRWD CrowdStrike Holding, DASH Doordash, DG Dollar General, DHR Danaher Corp , EQR Equity residential , ETSY Etsy, FB Facebook, Fedex, FISV Fiserv Inc, FIVN Five9 Inc, GE General Electric, GOOG Alphabet, GOOGL Alphabet class A, HCA HCA holding, HD Home Depot, HON Honeywell International, HUBS Hubspot, HUM Humana, INCY Incyte, INTU Intuit, ISRG Intuitive Surgical, JPM JPMorgan Chase, LLY Eli Lilly and Company, LYV Live Nation Entertainment, Mastercard, MDLZ Mondelez International, MHH Mastech Holding, MMC Marsh and McLennan Cos, MRK Merk & Company, MRNA Moderna, MS Morgan Stanley, MSFT Microsoft, NFLX Netflix, NOW ServiceNow, OKTA Okta Inc, PEP PepsiCo, PYPL PayPal, RBLX Roblox, REGN Regeneron Pharma, ROP Roper Technology, ROST Ross Stores, SCHW Charles Schwab Corp, SE Sea limited, SHOP Shopify, SNAP Snap Inc, SQ Square, SYK Stryker Corp, TCEHY Tencent Holding, TEAM Atlassian Corporation, TMO Thermo Fisher Corporation, TSLA Tesla, TSM Taiwan Semiconductor, TWLO Twilio Inc, TXN Texas Instruments, UNH UnitedHealth Corp, V Visa, VRTX Vertex Pharmaceuticals, WDAY Workday Inc, WFC Wells Fargo & Company, WST West Pharmaceutical, ZM Zoom Video Communication 

Most people do not think they can own an Amazon or Microsoft without having enough money to buy at least 1 share. That is not the case. Mutual funds allow you to invest in a basket of companies with little amounts of money. Even if you are putting in $10 a week into each, it is better than nothing. In one year, that would be 2,080 put to work for you. The market will have its ups and downs but over the long term it has been a wonderful place to invest your money. You may say I do not have an extra $40 a week, but the truth is you can if you budget properly. I know people who say the same thing and will buy a $200 pair of ear buds or spend $20 a day in eating out and giving their money to everyone besides paying themselves. Do not believe the lie you need a lot of money to invest because you can start with small amounts. Those small amounts can add up over time and before you know it you have more money put up than you thought you could. Do not make the mistake of waiting until you are in your 40’s or 50’s to realize you need to put money up. Start young, listen to people like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and use the stock market as a tool to let your money work for you and focus on long term compound interest. 

Each Mutual Fund is different, and not all are worth putting your money in. With >>>E*Trade<<< you can screen only for All Star Mutual funds, check the fund report to see their holdings, their performance and if they are something you want to invest in. The All-Star rating should make it easy for you to choose, it means they are consistent over the long term, have seasoned management and are worth looking at. The four I list are all T. Rowe Price, and they help me diversify and fit my strategy which may be different than yours. Do your own research and understand you can invest with small amounts of money. Remember to keep life simple you must keep everything simple, even your investing.

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