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Interview Tips
About to go to an interview? Nowadays experience is great, but just being able to show a magnificent work ethic might get you that position so do not be intimidated if you do not have all the experience needed.

About to go to an interview? Nowadays experience is great, but just being able to show a magnificent work ethic might get you that position so do not be intimidated if you do not have all the experience needed. I have hired a lot of people just based on some type of military experience. They have had no experience in the field, but they have the want to learn, grow and a work ethic they have established in the military. A lot of people I have hired with experience turned out to be stuck in their ways, and that can be hard to change if your company has a separate way of doing things. I like to see someone hungry with a splendid work ethic that in about 3 months of training will be a great asset to the team.  


As a manager I can train anyone in any position in my department. I will also be work those positions before I just hire anyone. I cannot tell you how many times as an employee, I have heard a manager say we need bodies. Hiring bodies cost you so much that a good manager should fill that position himself until he finds someone that he can train to take that position. I will work a position myself for however long it takes until I find the right person. I will hire someone with a great attitude and work ethic any day of the week and train them to the position I need them in.  



1. Show a magnificent work ethic, a great hustle, and the ability to learn. This is hard to do in an interview because an employer can only take you at your word and background. Obviously, there are positions that you need a degree in and extensive training. Those will be harder to get just because of the HR department. I know that hustle beats talent any day that talent does not hustle. If the skill can be taught by a manager or someone else and you show a great hunger for growth, knowledge, that alone goes a long way. It is hard today to find people with a great attitude and work ethic. Most everything else can be taught.  


2. Dress to impress. Wear something nice. I do not care what position it is, but if you show up in a suit you caught my attention as someone who cares enough to wear something nice. That will go a long way.  


3. Be on time or early and do not miss. The last thing any place of employment wants is someone always late, and has problems making it to work. Yes, they understand stuff happens, but it does not look good in an interview.  


4. Do not talk bad about your previous employer. This is a bad sign of negativity. Be honest but be positive. That employer gave you an opportunity just like they are thinking about doing.  


5. Do not ask to turn off questions. I have had people ask multiple times in an interview how loud can I play my radio? That does not really mean I am not going to hire you, but I know everyone who has asked that I have had to ask them to turn it down. Will the answer to that question sway you taking the job?  


6. Know about the company. When the person is giving the interview and telling you about the place and you know about the company already that shows them you have done some research before you even stepped foot in the door.  


Good luck on your interview. Show up early, dress nice, explain how great your work ethic is, how you want to learn and grow, know about the company, do not bash your previous employer, and do not ask questions that may turn them off.  

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