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Creation VS Evolution
When it comes down to Gods word, Evolution vs Creation, faith cometh by hearing, I hope your children are hearing they are created from the almighty God and not

The problem most people have is they lack an understanding and fall for the bait and switch of speciation for full blown macro evolution. All creationists believe in natural selection and mutations. 

When it comes down to Gods word, Evolution vs Creation, faith cometh by hearing, I hope your children are hearing they are created from the almighty God and not accidentally from pond scum.

The problem is evolutionist will show an example of natural selection and say evolution is fact, but the general theory of evolution states we all come from a common ancestor. Not only is that not what we see, but scientifically impossible. That is why professing atheist like Anthony Flew are changing their mind and believing in a creator. Genetics are a huge problem for evolution. 

The mechanisms for evolution are all random destruction to information in a Genome. Meaning they go the opposite direction for evolution to happen. A Genome is the complete set of information for an animal or human. Natural selection is a selection process which does not add anything new, but instead removes traits from a population that cannot survive as well as the population with a different or mutated trait.

Mutations are nothing more than an error in the information when it copies. Example would be if you copied a book and the word the turned into hte when copying. Not only is this random most are neutral, but a lot usually only causes death and diseases. If you could invent a pill to stop mutations, you would be a very wealthy man because no one wants them. Even in the very few beneficial mutations that have occurred it is because something broke. The DNA did not develop new information for example of the cave fish that lost its eye. 

Red wagon to the starship enterprise. As Genetic engineer (inventor of the gene gun) Dr. John Sanford gives a great analogy for evolution. In his book genetic entropy, he states it in a lot longer way then I will. It would be like having an instruction manual to create and assemble a red wagon, then you copy that manual over and over with random copying errors. Even with a selection process looking at the finished product and selecting out the worse mutations that instruction manual will never get better. Not only that but those copying errors would need to change that manual into an instruction manual to build the starship enterprise on star track. That is an honest analogy from Dr. John Sanford. 

Richard Dawkins cannot explain how it happens but gives his opinion on why people have a misunderstanding.


The Bible tells us in Romans that his creation is plenty of evidence and no one has any excuse for rejecting the truth. Be able to look at the facts and think for yourself, you do not have to believe pushed agendas. Do not let someone show you an example of a downward process of mutations and natural selection and say the tree above on the left is the correct one. 

This is a story I heard a time or two. I have seen movies and books for it and against it. Heard scientists say it is impossible, a hoax, hypothesis, theory, and fact. It goes something like this. 

In the beginning there was nothing. Then from nothing, against all scientific law came a great amount of energy and a big bang happened. From this big bang our universe was created, all the stars and planets came to be. Then one day two Planets collided, and a chunk flew off. The two planets became what we know as earth and the chunk what we call the moon. Against all odds planet earth sat at the perfect distance from the sun and the moon, and things on the planet went so well it made it able to be lived upon. On this planet we call earth was a pond of water. One day lightning struck this pond and against everything scientific life came from non-life. This single cellular organism, because it was necessary developed something we call today PROGRAMMED cell death so it could become a multicellular organism. Now all this and much more happened by what we know today as a copying error called mutations and a process that removes traits called natural selection. Through these processes, neither being a creative process somehow created all the life you see around us. This multicellular organism turned into a fish who eventually turned into all the land animals you see. It even decided as a deer like creature to go back into the water and turn into what we know as a whale. Eventually a chimp turned into who we are today. Children with this being scientifically impossible and all evidence we see today from fossils and genetics going against this, we will change it from a hypothesis to a fairy tale. The end 

We tell our children of a story of a frog turning into a prince as a fairytale. Then we tell them a frog turning into a prince over billions of years is a fact, lol still a fairytale. Romans 1:19-20 Psalms 14:1

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