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3 C’s
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What are the 3 C’s? Why are they important? Every problem I run across I address the 3 C’s. I have established this from being a technician for so long. In your job you move anything you can use to your life. The 3 C's are Concern, Cause, Correction.
Interview Tips
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About to go to an interview? Nowadays experience is great, but just being able to show a magnificent work ethic might get you that position so do not be intimidated if you do not have all the experience needed.
Stimulus And Social Security Fix
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When every American is born, they receive $1,000,000 into a fund yielding 4-5% dividend returns per year (40-50K).
Favorite Stock and ETF List
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Watchlist in the market are must have. I like to keep them short and simple. The less you have the less likely you are to over-trade. Believe me over-trading can cost you money. You must have patience's and be able to pick the right entry and exit based on your charts.
C8 Corvette Driving School
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These videos are from the Corvette I was driving. These vehicles are equipped with a Personal Data Recorder. This was a Ron Fellows driving course in Pahrump, NV
Ready For Retirement?
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This should be simple so do not over complicate things. What is the minimum you can live on? Assuming you pay off all debt. Can you live on 30k a year? That is 2,500 a month.
Leave Your Children Better Off
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We should try and give them the best head start we can and teach them about the mistakes we made so they do not do the same.
Vehicle Repairs
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Owning a vehicle is a wonderful thing but can be stressful especially when it breaks down or needs some type of repair.
Technician Tips
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1. Stick to the basics. That means perform your visual inspection, check for bulletins and P.I.’s, check fuses, battery condition. Always no matter what cover the basics. K.I.S.S. is true on everything.
Vehicle Maintenance Budget
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I would say if would be safe to say bare minimum setting aside $100 a month for owning a vehicle should be done. That is not including gas or a payment if you are financing the vehicle.
Compound Interest
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Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who does not ... pays it.
Simple Financial Rules You Should Follow!
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A good percentage of wages spent. 70% living expenses 10% savings/investment 20% any debt until debt free, and then investment The less you spend on living expenses and getting out of debt the more you can invest and put to work.
The Most Important Life Decision!
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If your materialistic listen to Warren Buffet who says the most crucial decision a man can make in life is his spouse or his partner.
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