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QQQ: Textbook Breakout Again
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The triple Qs for some time has been on a move. From its lows of 2020 it’s up over 100% and the chart looks like it’s breaking out again. Keeping life simple I swing trade two ways,
Hustles: Side Jobs vs Passive Income
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Everyone wants to earn extra income, but are side hustles for everyone? I prefer to keep life simple, simple living equals less stress. One thing about most side hustles is they will require time. These are things outside of your normal day job.
5 Mistakes Every Investor Should Avoid!
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1. Emotional buying. When you buy a stock because of emotions it is usually a bad decision. Greed is usually a factor and can get you burnt.
Trading ETF’s: LABU and SOXL
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Getting rich overnight is for the lucky, making millions over years of compound interest are for those that will take advantage of opportunities and play it safe at the same time.
Stocks and ETF to Buy Now
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We will look at 7 stocks and 1 ETF that are oversold now. The stocks are WDC Western Didital, DUK Duke Energy, DTE Dte Energy, EXC Exelon Corporation, STX Seagate Technology, JNPR Juniper Networks, LUMN Lumen technology, and the ETF is XLU which is a Utility ETF.
AbbVie Stock Buying Opportunity
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When you find a great long term growth company like AbbVie Pharma, that pays a good dividend, the share price is oversold, and they have a presentation coming up in a few days why wait any longer to add to a position or start one?
Stock Market Update 5/23/2021
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Will the US Stock Market crash? Could stock news, or a stock market update tell you that in advance, no no one knows.
Two Dividend Stocks for Next Week
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When it comes to large cap dividend companies to own these two should be a part of your portfolio. 1. Raytheon Technology.
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Why did I buy GUSH at an overbought spot and top of the bollingerbands? I could have bought soxl etf when it was oversold, instead I entered gush at $79.95.
Swing Trading Leveraged ETF’s
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Swing trading stocks can be very profitable, but also risky. I keep things simple by trading leveraged ETFs. If you read my book, you will see why and how. Here we are going to look at SOXL which is the leveraged version of SMH.
2 Ways to Live a Simple Life
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Living a simple life does not mean you have to have a small house, minimal things and live in the woods. Living a simple life means life is easy to understand, deal with, etc.
Chip Shortage and the Economic Impact
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In 2020 we see an article about how much electronic manufacturing supports the U.S. economy. Bannockburn, Ill., USA, May 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BANNOCKBURN, Ill., USA, May 13, 2020 -- Electronics manufacturing contributes powerfully to the U.S. economy, according to a new report released by IPC, the global electronics manufacturing industry association.
Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck?
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I know the feeling, working every day just to pay the bills. Living paycheck to paycheck and have nothing to show but an empty wallet? Are you paying yourself?
Investing Money For Beginners
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If you are new to investing you are probably very confused with all the options out there. Even if you have been in the stock market for years the options can be overwhelming. What should you invest in?
Best Stocks, ETF’S and Mutual Funds for Yield
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Letting your money work for you is one way to live a simple life. That has always been the idea behind investing in any asset that pays a yield. Passive income is something you should be focused on.
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