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As the world spins out of control, where should you put your money? Two places to put your money for a twisted future! Cyber security, and weapons.
As the world spins out of control, where should you put your money? 

 Everything today is controlled with some form of technology. If technology falls, we will have more issues than what happened to our portfolio. Two places to put your money for a twisted future! Cyber security, and weapons. 

Besides the basics, you should have about 4 or 5 mutual funds to be diversified and invest as little as $10 when you want. I keep life simple by owning and adding to PRGTX, PRHSX, PRDGX, and PRGFX. This gives me the ability to add extremely low amounts of money weekly or whatever I want when I get the money, with these funds I own a great portfolio. I hold these, trade with opportunity money but also think about the future. I have two suggestions for your money over the next ten years. One liquid the other a hard assets. 

     1. Invest in cyber security. 

The liquid part of the two is cyber security.

The best way to invest in that sector is an ETF. The ETF I like the most is $BUG, it trades a decent amount of volume, and owns nice stocks in that category. If you can do the research and pick your own cyber security stocks, but ETF’s always limit risk as you own a basket of stocks. Along with the technology stocks you own from the mutual funds above this adds strictly to a cyber security position in your portfolio. World domination has always been a thing. In history it was tried with force, today it will be sought with technology. If the technology of the country falls then it will be taken with force, but best believe technology will need to go first. If you profit from these companies keeping America great then the is the American dream. The second option to put your money is to keep you and your family safe in case we fall to another country or ourselves. 

     2. Guns and Ammo When you think of world domination it is a thing that has always been sought throughout history. With America worrying more about other things like if males should be allowed to play female sports and go into female bathrooms. Countries and leaders have tried to take over the world throughout history. If America wants to be free from our own government and others you should invest in anything to protect you and your family. Taliban is taking over Afghanistan and other countries see us as week as possible for the U.S.A. to be for a time to take advantage of us. Think if your ran another country would you attack now or when Trump was in office? You could come across the Mexican border and others with EMP’s so many risks to our national security. Buy yourself a means of family defense, learn how to use it. This investment may not produce yield and big gains but it should help you sleep better with the chaos going on in the world. This is an asset I would rather have and not need then need and not have. 

Conclusion Things around the world are heating up quick. To stay on top of everything we should be wise and make decisions that will make us money but also protect us. If electronics get attacked these companies will go up and make us money. If the country falls and everything around crumbles our portfolio will be the last of our worries and keeping our family safe will be number 1.

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