Tips To Living A Simple Life!
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2 Ways to Live a Simple Life
Living a simple life does not mean you have to have a small house, minimal things and live in the woods. Living a simple life means life is easy to understand, deal with, etc.

Living a simple life is easy, here is how. 

Your life has been far from simple for two reasons.  

  1. 1. Your daily routine/processes are overwhelming, and you're doing too much and need to scale back and delegate if possible. 

  1. 2. You do not have any daily routine/processes in place and are running all over just trying to make it through the day. 

Living a simple life does not mean you have to have a small house, minimal things and live in the woods. Living a simple life means life is easy to understand, deal with, etc. That is the definition of simple. When people overcomplicate things, they become hard to understand and deal with. When life becomes overwhelming, or things happen do not over complicate the situation. There are simple principles to live by in every area of life. If you stick to the basics living life becomes easy to understand, and easy to deal with. 


If your life has become overwhelming or complicated because you are doing too much, and your daily routine and process is just completely too much for one person you need to stop and reevaluate everything you are doing. Sometimes we pack our schedule so much that we have no time for ourselves and to stop and reevaluate if what we are doing is what we should be doing, and if we are doing it how we should be doing it. Living a simple life does not mean we cannot be busy, but if for some reason we want to pull or hair out that means it is not easy to deal with, in return means it is not simple. If life does not seem to be simple for that reason there are a too many example days to go over, from work, kids, school and work, house cleaning. The only thing I can tell you is to reevaluate and produce a simplified schedule and process for everything you do. If you can delegate things you do to your spouse or children, they should be happy to help. The more they help the more gets done and more family time left in the day. Sometimes that just means cleaning up after themselves.  

If your life just seems complicated because you have no daily routine or process in place that can be changed quickly. 


  1. 1. Break your life down into categories such as work, financial, relationships, parenting, health etc. 

  1. Write down, if necessary but go over the basics of every category. Organize a routine and process for each. For example, for Finances you should start a budget, pay yourself and invest your money. You can find more on this site. You should be able to find the basics for each category on this site if you have questions on the basics. 

  1. 2. Then stick to and execute the basics every single day. The basics should be easy to understand and easy to handle. It does take motivation to do them every day, but with that comes simplicity. With simplicity comes a daily routine that makes life simple. 


Conclusion of the matter, understand the basics, and execute them. It will make life simple, easy to deal with. Just don’t be basic. 

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